Piano and Orchestra

J. S. Bach: Concerto in F minor, BWV 1056

L. van Beethoven: Concerto No. 3 in C minor, op. 37
Concerto No. 4 in G-major, op. 58

Britten: Concerto in D major, op. 13

Chopin: Concerto No. 1 in E minor, op. 11
Concerto No. 2 in F minor, op. 21
Variations on Mozart’s “La ci darem la mano”, op. 2
Fantasy on Polish Airs in A major, op. 13
Krakowiak in F major, op. 14
Andante spianato & Grande Polonaise brillante, op. 22

André Jolivet: Concertino for trumpet, piano, and orchestra (1948)

F. Liszt: Concerto No. 2 in A-major

F. Mendelssohn – Bartholdy: Concerto No. 1 in G minor, op. 25; Concerto for violin, piano and strings in D minor

W. A. Mozart: Concerto in F major, KV 413
Concerto in A major, KV 414
Concerto in C major, KV 415
Concerto in E-flat major, KV 449
Concerto in B-flat major, KV 450
Concerto in A major, KV 488
Concerto in C major, KV 503

M. Ravel: Concerto in G-major

C. Saint-Saens: Concerto No. 4 in C minor, op. 44

S. Prokofiev: Concerto No. 1 in D flat major, op. 10

S. Rachmaninoff: Concerto No. 2 in C minor, op. 18
Concerto No. 3 in D minor, op. 30

Frederic Rzewski: “Bring Them Home!” for two pianos and ensemble (2004, NY Premiere)

D. Shostakovich: Concerto No. 2 in F major, op. 102

P. Tchaikovsky: Concerto No. 1 in B-flat minor, op. 23

Piano Solo

J. S. Bach: Preludes and Fugues from the Well-tempered Clavier:
Vol. I: C major, C minor, C-sharp major, C-sharp minor, D major, D minor, E-flat major, F-sharp major, F-sharp minor, B major
Vol. II: C minor, C-sharp minor, D-sharp minor, F major, A-flat major
French Suites in C minor and D minor
English Suite in A minor
Partita in D major
Italian Concerto
Toccata in F-sharp minor

B. Bartok: Selection from “Microkosmos”
Suite op. 14

L. van Beethoven: Sonata in F minor, op. 2 Nr. 1;  Sonata in E-flat major, op. 7; Sonata in D major, op. 10 no. 3;  Sonata in G major, op. 31 no. 1; Sonata in E-flat major, op. 31 no. 3;  Sonata in E-flat major op. 81a “Les Adieux”; Sonata in E major, op. 109; Sonata in C minor, op. 111
32 Variations in C minor, WoO 80
“Eroica”–Variations in E-flat major, op. 35

J. Brahms: Scherzo op. 4
Sonata No. 3 in F minor, op. 5
Fantasien op. 116
Intermezzi op. 117

Elliott Carter: 90+ (1994)
Catenaires (2006)

F. Chopin: Etudes op. 10 Nr. 2, op. 10 Nr. 7, op. 25 Nr. 5, op. 25 Nr. 6, op. 25 Nr. 8, op. 25 Nr. 10
Polonaise No. 1 in C-sharp minor, op.26 Nr.1
Impromptu No. 1 A flat major,  op. 29
Ballade No. 4 in F minor, op. 52
Andante spianato & Grande Polonaise brillante, op.22
Variations on Mozart’s “La ci darem la mano”, op. 2
Sonata Nr. 3 in B minor, op. 58

William David Cooper: Prelude (2012, World Premiere)

A. Copland: Night Thoughts (Homage to Ives)

C. Debussy: Suite “Children‘s Corner”
Prelude “Ce qu’a vu le vent d’ouest”,
Douze Études, première livre (Nos. 1-6, complete)
Douze Études, deuxième livre:  “pour les arpeges composes”
Images, deuxième livre  (“Cloches a travers des feuilles”, “Et la lune descend sur le temple qui fut”, “Poissons d’or”)

C. Franck: Prelude, Choral and Fugue

Gabriela Lena Frank: Karnavalito No. 1 (2013, East Coast Premiere)

G. Frescobaldi, arr. Bela Bartok: Toccata quinta sopra i pedali

M. Glinka, arr. M. Balakirev: The Lark

Sofia Gubaidulina: Chaconne (1962)

J. Haydn: Sonata in B minor, Hob. XVI: 32; Sonata in C major, Hob. XVI: 50
Variations in F minor

J.N. Hummel: Sonata in F-sharp minor, op. 81

L. Janáček: 1.X.1905 (Piano Sonata)

György Kurtág: selections from Játékok (1973-2003)

György Ligeti: Selection from Musica ricercata
Etude Der Zauberlehrling (1994)

F. Liszt: Six Etudes After Paganini (complete)
From Etudes d’exécution transcendante: Feux follets, Wilde Jagd
Mephisto – Walzer No. 1; Mephisto – Walzer No. 2
Les jeux d’eaux a la villa d’Este
From Two Legends: St. Francis of Paola Walking On The Waves
Der traurige Mönch, melodrama for narrator and piano

F. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy: Fantasie in F sharp minor, op. 28
Prelude and Fugue in E minor, op. 35 No.1
F. Mendelssohn, arr. F. Liszt: Suleika; Frülingslied; Reiselied

W. A. Mozart: Piano pieces from the London Notebook 1764/65
11 Menuets, KV 176; 8 Menuets, KV 315
Rondo in D major, KV 485; Rondo in A minor, KV 511
Fantasie in D minor, KV 397
Prelude and Fugue in C major, KV 394
Sonata in F major, KV 280; Sonata in D major, KV 284;  Sonata in C major, KV 309; Sonata in D major, KV 311; Sonata in C major, KV 545;  Sonata in F major KV 533/494
12 Variations on a Menuet by Fischer in C major, KV 179
6 Variations on “Salve tu domine” by Paisiello in F major, KV 398
10 Variations on “Unser dummer Pöbel meint” by Gluck in G major, KV 455
6 Variations on “Ein Weib ist das herrlichste Ding” by Schack in F major, KV 613

M. Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition

S. Prokofiev: Toccata op. 11
Sonata Nr. 2 in D minor, op. 14

M. Ravel: Valses nobles et sentimentales
Gaspard de la nuit

D. Scarlatti:
Selected sonatas

Alfred Schnittke: Five Aphorisms (1990)

F. Schubert: Impromptu in B-flat major D. 935, Drei Klavierstücke D 946 (op. post)
Sonata in A minor D.784; Sonata in C minor D.958; Sonata in A major D.959
“Wanderer – Fantasie” in C major, D. 760
F. Schubert, arr. F. Liszt: Die junge Nonne
From Winterreise: Im Dorfe; Der stürmische Morgen

R. Schumann: Papillons op. 2
Toccata op.7
Sonata in F-sharp minor, op. 11
Fantasiestücke op. 12
Kreisleriana op. 16
Novellette in F-sharp minor, op. 21 no. 8
Faschingsschwank aus Wien op. 26

Salvatore Sciarrino: Notturno No. 4 (1998)

A. Scriabin: Selection of Preludes op. 11
Sonata No. 3 in F-sharp minor, op. 23
Sonata No. 5, op. 53

Charlotte Seither: Echoes, Edges (2001)

Karlheinz Stockhausen: Klavierstück IX (1961)

I. Stravinsky: Three Movements from Petrushka

P. Tchaikovsky: Variations on an Original Theme, op. 19 No. 6

J. Turina: Sanlucar de Barrameda (Sonata Pintoresca), op. 24

R. Wagner, arr. F. Liszt: Tannhäuser Overture
“Isoldes Liebestod” from Tristan und Isolde